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April 2nd, 2020


Born and Thread - Temporarily Closed

We have made the very hard decision here at Born and Thread to cease our trade and go into “business hibernation” until further notice.

With the very quick onset of the Covid-19 situation we did our best to adapt quickly and overcome the challenges with continuing to stay open for print during this time. With so many of our customers already having their businesses forced to close under the new restrictions, we aren’t able to continue with business as usual.

I would like to personally thank all our customers that reached out and placed orders and put their trust in us to get them completed during this time.
We will of course complete all current and in progress print orders that are placed with us and make sure it gets shipped out before closing up our shop until further notice.

While this is a difficult decision, it doesn’t make sense to stay open and continue to trade when a lot of our event based work has understandably stopped coming in and when it would be smarter for our staff to be at home self isolating and making sure they are safe for themselves and their loved ones. Instead of making the trip into work each day and potentially exposing themselves unnecessarily to the risk of contracting this virus.

So with the new Job Keeper initiative the government has announced, our staff are currently on paid leave until we reopen and this will enable us to come out the other side of this ready to kick some big goals!

In the meantime during this downtime we will be working on adding some new services and options to our existing customers once we return.
Without a doubt we look forward to our reopen later this year once this whole situation settles down and returns to a more normal status than what it is currently.

The mission statement from day one with Born and Thread was to set the new standard for both customer service and print quality and we still aim to exceed our customer expectations moving forward.

So thank you for your understanding during this time and we hope that for those of you still needing print orders during the next few months, that we can help out once we reopen later this year.

If you have any questions at all or would like to discuss potential future orders, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Stay safe out there and see you on the other side of this!

Born and Thread Management

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